Fancy investing in an expanding Arthur Beale?

Alasdair Flint of chandler Arthur Beale in the West End of London has written with an unusual investment opportunity. The company is expanding and is looking for investors.

I’m not qualified to advise on something like this, but here’s what Alasdair has to say:

‘This is not so much a “start-up” opportunity but more a “crank-up” as Arthur Beale has been trading for well over 400 years!

‘It’s clients have included explorers such as Ernest Shackleton, Edward Whymper and George Mallory. The management team has realised that this unique history, extensive archives and central London position provides a fantastic opportunity to launch a range of high-quality nautical products under the Arthur Beale brand.

‘The investment campaign will be officially launched on 1st March. Anyone interested can register their interest at or visit their investment website

To read the Arthur Beale investment summare, click here.

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