The Age of Sail

Made by Google, it’s CGI and it has a classic Hollywood storyline – but it’s 12 minutes of the cutest entertainment and along with authentic sound effects (they did a great job collecting their foley) it also features some great old songs. I wonder whether my grandson would like it…

3 thoughts on “The Age of Sail”

    1. ‘Foley’ is the film industry term for normal background sounds used to make sequences convincing. In an animation depicting sailing, in addition to dialogue and maybe music, you’ll likely have the rig creaking and thrumming, sails flapping, winches squeaking, wind and wave sounds, the sound of the boat bows cutting the water, bird sounds etc.

      1. Sorry, it dawned on me afterwards that I could just have Googled the definition of foley. Thanks for this and your other posts. Certainly is a very entertaining film.

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