Hay’s Boatyard and the Mousa ferry, Lerwick

Our pals Tina  and Vic Smith visited Shetland earlier in the year and took these photos.

Here’s what Vic says about them:

‘The excellent, very impessive new Shetland Museum has been built on the waterfront of Hay’s Dock in Lerwick, and includes Hay’s Boatyard, an old boat shed on the same site

‘The present boat shed was built around 1900 to replace an earlier shed built in 1844, though there has been boat building on this spot since at least the 18th century.

‘The shed was restored in 2015 and fulfils the same role today as when it was a commercial going concern: repairing, renovating and building craft to traditional Shetland designs including the famed sixareens. An entry from the museum building next door leads to a gallery where visitors can see the work in progress.

‘When we visited, one of the current projects was the Loki, which was originally built in the Boat Shed in 1904 under her original name of Maggie Helen. More than a century later she had returned for restoration. This is a long term project.

‘The small island of Mousa is the location of the oldest surviving ‘broch’ – an Iron Age roundhouse in Scotland (and therefore the world). Visitors to the island use a small ferry to get there.

‘In the ferry terminal on the mainland side is the Robina, a rowing boat that ferried visitors across in times gone by.’


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  1. I also visited Shetland this year, and found the experience wonderful. The Hay’s Boat Shed section of the Shetland Museum is really good, but unfortunately with limited access especially when no staff are present. Also in the museum is a good range of old and not-so-old wooden sailing boats ranging from the Shetland sixareen to more recent leisure sailing boats, most hung from the ceiling of the highest tower of the museum. But while in Shetland, every effort should also be made to get to Unst Boat Haven, a unique and spectacular collection of traditional Shetland fishing craft. Although this involves 2 return ferry journeys from Shetland Mainland, it’s only £15 in total for a car, driver and 2 passengers!

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