A Christmas card from Lowestoft, 1911

What a cracking little Christmas card in reader Tom Edom’s family!

Can anyone tell us what these boats were please? Write to me using the comments link below or by email to gmatkin@gmail.com and I’ll pass the message on.

This is what Tom has to say:

‘This was a Chrismas card sent to my Grandfather in 1911, who seems to have owned Snipe a one design raced out of that fine port. But my one design knowledge starts somewhere in my parents generation.
‘They look like raters to me but raters were not one designs were they?
‘It seems that Snipe was not quite at the head of the pack but that a good time was had by all.
‘Hope this is an interesting quest.
‘Best regards, Tom’
Many thanks Tom – I’m sure it will be!

2 thoughts on “A Christmas card from Lowestoft, 1911”

  1. I see that the Coleen class originated in Dublin bay and may have been designed by a woman, no less (http://www.dbsc.org/index.php/about/history).
    But, with respect, I don’t see the Coleens and the Lowestoft boats as the same. The Coleens have less bow overhang, more sheer and are clinker built. The rigs indeed seem similar, reflecting the racing rig of the era perhaps.

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