Knud Knudsen, pioneer of Norwegian photography

Knud Knudsen was an early Norwegian photographer, and in the age of sail had spectacular scenery, boats and people for subjects. The best of his photos are beautifully composed, sharp and full of delicious detail and contrast.

These images are from the Wikimedia Commons.

My thanks to designer and sailmaker Michael Storer for tipping me off about Mr Knudsen. See Mik’s boat plans website and Facebook page.


2 thoughts on “Knud Knudsen, pioneer of Norwegian photography”

  1. Thanks Gavin. The very soul of Norway as once it must have been. Things were moving on in 1982 when I first sailed into the Northlands, still with the occasional Nordlandsbat around. They have changed beyond recognition now. Wonderful to see these pictures.
    Thanks again,
    Tom Cunliffe

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