A video about caulking skills by Tom Cunliffe in Denmark

Tom asked if I’d like to post this video about caulking from his latest series of videologues – and of course I’m delighted to do so!

I particularly take his point about the skill involved in caulking and traditional boat building generally. Folks caulking upwards from under a hull have long had my particular admiration…

2 thoughts on “A video about caulking skills by Tom Cunliffe in Denmark”

  1. Good for Tom – still loves ‘real’ boats in spite of his latest plastic acquisition. The number of skills required to build a carvel boat are manifold, hard to acquire and completely underrated. Nice to hear someone cheering these craftsmen on.

    I’m building a wood/epoxy boat, which is an uphill struggle, but in comparison to building in carvel requires very few skills and much less accuracy. A re-reading of Weston Martyr’s “The SOUTHSEAMAN’, is a salutary reminder of what is required in building traditionally.

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