The Tyne, 1962

Your Heritage: the Tyne is a Tyne Tees film from 1962 with a wonderful voiceover full of flowery language, and skilful accents and acting by Mike Neville. It’s full of nostalgia for me, as I remember much of this from my time in Newcastle a decade later. I thought it a fabulous place with a fabulous river…

4 thoughts on “The Tyne, 1962”

  1. Sad to tell you that Mike died 6 days ago aged 80 he was a part of life for many in the North East. and every one thought they new him. I was 18 years old in 1962 and life could be as grey as it was in the film, but I think it was a great time to be young!

    1. What a performer! And a heck of a writer too. When I lived up there I was too busy with my course, rapper sword dancing and music to turn the telly on, but clearly I missed out on a few things…

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