The scarcely possible Balmain Bug

Some astonishing Australians in a remarkably impractical boat. For more information about the history of this kind of craft, there’s a Yachting World article to read. My thanks to designer and sailmaker Michael Storer for the tip. See his boat plans website and Facebook page.

4 thoughts on “The scarcely possible Balmain Bug”

  1. Inspiring, I liked this from ‘Yachting World’. “Life’s too short for gybing,” quips the skipper. “And besides, we’re usually in enough trouble as it is!”

  2. Life was easy then the only rule was the length of the hull had to be 6 feet to fit in the class and race.These were the smallest class racing on Sydney Harbour boats up to 22 feet with a crew of 30 were the largest.12,14,16,18 foot classes still race and have done for well over 100 years

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