Mouseboats at Port Aransas

Boats and boating are such a blessed relief from the woes and divisions of the world. So an email from Gerard Mittelstaedt about a bunch of kids building Mouseboats at Farley Boat Works at Port Aransas, Texas (it’s not far from Corpus Christi) had me grinning from ear to ear, as emails like this /always/ do. Thanks Gerard!

The Mouseboat design they used was the flat-bottomed Mini-mouse, which may now be the most popular version. Here’s what Gerard says about the project:

‘It was great fun. My wife, Mona, and I assisted… It was a 180 mile drive from our home in McAllen, Texas to do this… and well worth it. I’ve put a web page up celebrating the event.

‘A good time was had by all and the launching was very celebratory.

‘Mona, a retired teacher of the very young, noted that the children participating were amazingly well behavedand managed to finish and enjoy the project and the launch. It was amazing how well the children took to water… like little ducklings paddling along with great joy.’

If you’re in the area or can be, two youth boat building sessions at Farley Boat Works are scheduled for Summer 2017.

For Mouseboat plans, see the plans page here on

3 thoughts on “Mouseboats at Port Aransas”

  1. Nothing like indoctrinating them at an early age. All of us have memories of how we got on the water and the earlier the better, in my humble opinion. Kudos to Gerald and Mona for making such a worthy commitment.

  2. The MINI MOUSEBOATS have been and still are very popular @ FARLEY BOAT WORKS in Port Aransas, Tx

    Hopefully(if I get it finished, working sporadically) there will be at least one available for spectators and participants to paddle in the harbor at the 2017 PlyWooden Boat Festival in October


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