Coast Guards, Cornwall 1945

As always from British Pathé, this film from 1945 is a fabulous period piece – but look out for the cracking bit of footage about firing a rescue rocket. My thanks to Fowey boat builder Marcus Lewis for the link.

2 thoughts on “Coast Guards, Cornwall 1945”

  1. Typical of British Pathe, great footage and interesting. I was half expecting John Mills to walk into a scene.

    1. Quite so. And the way people spoke was so different. ‘Miyen’ instead of men, for example. I wonder what it was that made that go away?

      (Actually, I’m not even understand how ‘book’ and ‘cook’ became ‘bik’ and ‘kik’, but that’s perhaps another matter and may have something to do with Australian TV series I’m only dimly aware of… )


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