A skin on frame Imp

The admirable Trevor Akin (in the skin on frame canoe in the YouTube) has built a rather beautiful and clearly successful skin on frame canoe using the lines I drew up for the Imp canoe design some years ago.

I wasn’t happy with the Imp – its strakes would never lie smoothly, and I judged it a failure even though it performed well enough as an open canoe. I don’t even know where I’d find the drawings now, but Trevor has a copy of them from somewhere and done something wonderful with them.  He deserves a firm manly handshake, and certainly gets my admiration. And thanks for letting me know about the project Trevor!

He’s written about the project extensively on his weblog Eh Whatever. Here he is close to finishing the boat, and here he is again at a messabout (for Brits, I should explain this is a kind of camping party with boats).

I love this shot:

Pomme de Terre Lake - Oct. 2016;

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