Folkboat mast and boom for sale


Fowey boatbuilder Marcus Lewis has written to let us know about this for sale offer – which I would guess might be a godsend for someone…

‘I am re-rigging my vintage wooden Folkboat over the winter and converting her to a gaff ketch! I will have for sale a Sitka spruce mast and boom, made to order for me just over a year ago, by Collars.

‘It comes fully rigged.

‘I would be prepared to accept either cash or a shorter wooden mast, and gaff. My new rig will feature a loose-footed mainsail. I am 73 and need a less lively set-up as I tend to sail single handed!

‘Regards, Nick Messinger, SY Oakleaf, Portland’

If you’re interested, email me at and I’ll pass the message along.

4 thoughts on “Folkboat mast and boom for sale”

  1. I`m not interested in the mast, Gavin, but it is interesting that in similar circumstances I am doing much the same thing. I have 81 years to Nick`s 73 and am at the moment having a Westerly 22 converted from a gunter sloop to a gaff yawl at Alan Staley`s yard in Faversham. I hope that Nick realises just how much work is involved—–for instance moving the main mast forward 18 inches. Pop in and see her sometime——-Anna of Apuldram.

    Regards and thanks for an interesting website,
    Richard Blomfield.

    1. Thanks Richard – I will!

      You may be right about the mast. These things are difficult to work out in a way that is reliably correct at the best of times – Uffa Fox had a bit of a reputation for designing boats that had to have their mast re-sited, I believe, but in the case of a project to turn a slender, tall Folkboat into a two-sticker I think it’s likely to be a particular challenge. I suppose a bowsprit /might/ help.

  2. hi there, I’m interested in the mast if by any chance it is still available. please email me on mrjoshleon@icloudcom. thanks Josh

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