Ramsgate Harbour, the Sailor’s Church and the Home for Smack Boys

Here are some more photos from Ramsgate – this time of the magnificent harbour, a proud Dunkirk Little Ship, the memorial plaque to the men and boys of HMS Fervent, Timothy Spall’s Princess Matilda, and some models and fine nautical memorabilia in the Sailor’s Church.

If you pass by, do drop in to have a look – it’s often open during the summer months.



2 thoughts on “Ramsgate Harbour, the Sailor’s Church and the Home for Smack Boys”

  1. I stumbled across this site a couple of years ago when conducting some research on a friends boat Arklight, I have followed it ever since to assist and improve my knowledge of sailing things in discussions with this friend an ex channel pilot. I find many of Gavins stories and description of the east coast its people & history of great interest but just wish when loading a load of photos he would tag them so that we know what they are or where .
    Today’s photo’s are a fine example,a scale model of a boat, what boat, name or history of that boat to add greater interest.
    Otherwise love reading the blogs just wish they covered my area The West Country

    1. If you look again at the Sailor’s Church photos, where there was information to photograph it appears in the following frame. But often there’s nothing to work with…

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