Lugworm chronicler Ken Duxbury has crossed the bar


Legendary small boat cruiser, author, boat builder and artist Ken Duxbury sadly passed away on Wednesday at the age of 92. Here’s Dick Wynne’s short obituary on the Lodestar Books website. No doubt more will follow…

For more information see the Lodestar page devoted to the wonderful Lugworm Chronicles, which describe how he and B, his wife, gave up the rat race, cruised the Greek islands, sailed back to the UK and then explored the Hebrides.

3 thoughts on “Lugworm chronicler Ken Duxbury has crossed the bar”

  1. Hi Gavin. Your two links re Ken are the same one going to “The Lugworm Chronicles”. Sad to hear of his passing, but a good innings no doubt. I have his “Seamanship in small open boats” – a great intro to the topic from 1971, an oldie but a goldie.

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