Famous Itchen Ferry racer Dolly Varden to be restored

A new YouTube shows the famous racing yacht Itchen Ferry Dolly Varden arriving at the International Boatbuilding Training College Portsmouth for restoration.

She’s described in one of Uffa Fox’s famous books and was known for trialling sails rigs for Ratsey’s. She’s now in the hands of a new owner and happily seems to have a bright future ahead, which is great news. Read all about her and the project here.

4 thoughts on “Famous Itchen Ferry racer Dolly Varden to be restored”

        1. As mentioned on the website there is grave concern for her future. Initially we have to remove her from Portsmouth and then store her till a new way forward can be found. We are under no illusions as to the enormity of the task returning Dolly to former glory however we cannot just keep her in store indefinitely. At this time she has to be classed as at risk.

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