A beautiful sailing thoroughbred for sale – for 99p!


Actually, it’s a Soling, and it is free to a good home – if you bag it today. Thi picture is a few years old, and the boat is lying at Edinburgh.

Read about Solings here.

2 thoughts on “A beautiful sailing thoroughbred for sale – for 99p!”

  1. We used to have to race against Solings at Blackpool and FleetwoodYC on the Wyre in Lancashire in mixed dinghy fleet handicap racing – sometimes a bit scary in the confines of the river. It was always entertaining when one of them cut it fine near the shore and went aground on a falling tide – panic would break out as safety boats were diverted to tow the stricken Soling off.

  2. This is a sad story but all boats eventually have negative real value even fairly modern fibreglass ones but definitely geriatric wooden ones where the factor ‘n’ is a large negative number!

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