An amazing time for boating magazines…

The competition is hotting up like never before. In the interests of helping the magazines along, here are some links and free reads readers might enjoy. My great hope is that they will all succeed in their own niches, to the great benefit of all of us existing boating readers – and that they’ll go on to attract more people onto the water.

First off, Classic Sailor has made its first issue of a few of months back available on line for free. Reading this and subsequent issues, the sharp-eyed will notice a change of direction – having left Classic Boat, editor Dan Houston is clearly determined to deliver more  real-world and less aspirational  package to readers. The latest issue, btw, has a cover story about a plastic boat, my goodness – a Twister that’s been round Cape Horn.

Meanwhile, brave single-handed magazine captain Richard Palmer is plugging away with his journal Barnacle Bill, which this month leads with an utterly terrifying picture of the Corryvreckan, the famous whirlpool between two Hebridean islands. In what might be described as an alarming association, the photo is used to illustrate an account of the Clyde Canoe Club’s second outing – which is also available free.

Edited by Rob Peake, Classic Boat is still in the game, and is energetically promoting its annual awards on Twitter and elsewhere. As usual, there are a mass of entries for as many as eight categories, each one supported by an article. Voting, and the articles, are open to anyone who drops by so, again, there’s plenty to read…

And I’m happy to say that under veteran editor Pete Greenfield Water Craft is continuing to quietly plug its way  with a March-April issue  that boasts features on the highly desirable H12 and Haven 12, and a set of free plans for a scow hulled pocket gaffer drawn by Paul Gartside. I’ll be looking out for that too…

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  1. It is just great to have a growing availability of quality down to earth reading and inspiration. I think Richard Palmer is doing a great job with Barnacle Bill, certainly a good start.

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