Magnificent old fifie in trouble and for sale

This fifie built in 1897 by James Weir of Arbroath is for sale on eBay. I’ve seen and admired her many times at Conyer, but it has been sad to see her decline.

This is what the yard folks have to say on the eBay ad (though obviously Intheboatshed can’t vouch for every word!):

‘This is the last privately owned fifie. The vessel is currently in a very poor shape moored/sunk at our yard at Conyer. The boat has been owned by couple who did not have the resources to maintain her.

‘She has had holes drilled in the bottom of the boat to stop her bursting her planks each time she fills up with water.

‘The boat needs a new owner with a good understanding of the vessel and her issues.

‘The owners are allowing us to work on their behalf and would like to boat to be passed on. They are happy to give the boat away to someone capable of rescuing her.

‘It is registered with the National Historic Ships Register and a new owner may be able to apply for a grant to help with the cranage or refloating

‘The boat will be in this position until the new year, if a new owner has not come forward by this time the boat will be dismantled and destroyed.

‘If you are aware of anybody keen on rescuing a piece of Scottish history please get in contact.

‘The new owner would be responsible for mooring fees and removal of the vessel.’

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  1. Boats like these need industry sponsorship and passed over to an organisation where people can learn the skills of wooden boat restoration. Both young and old could be gainfully employed repairing historic boats for many years to come if there was adequate funding.

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