Knots book includes handy knot selector

Bob Holtzman knot book 2

Bob Holtzman’s new book on knots, The Field Guide to Knots, is out now and available from Amazon!

There are already a lot of knot books out there, so what makes this one different?

Bob Holtzman knot book 3

Bob tells me that it’s designed to help readers identify most functional knots they are likely to encounter – which is why he’s called it a ‘field guide’. It also explains how to untie each knot – which we all know can be an issue!

And, finally, it provides a quick way of selecting the most appropriate knot for a job (see above) – rather than forcing the reader to go through lengthy descriptions of dozens of knots to find one that seems right. I think that’s a strong selling point…

Here’s a typical knot tying page:

Bob Holtzman knot book 1


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