Sailing on the Swale, last weekend

On the Swale, last weekend. The winds were light, but it was very pleasant and some of my favourite local boats (and one or two I didn’t know) were out and strutting their stuff ahead of the Swale Match this coming weekend. Aside from the sailing barge Orinoco, there was Cygnet, Privateer of Boston, Bird of Dawning and a Finesse

And then we had one of those North Kent skies that Turner loved so much…

2 thoughts on “Sailing on the Swale, last weekend”

  1. Nice pics Gavin! Looking forward to the Swale match on Saturday. Planning to view the grand depart as everyone gets underway from Harty Ferry… What time would you suggest getting there as I understand the start is a reasonable 08.45… I’ve been hoping for a crew position too!!

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