The restoration of the sailing barge Ena on telly

My thanks to Chris Brady for this one – though it is old and I gather the Ena is again in need of work. Read about Ena here and here.

PS – Martin Phillips has sent news of Ena’s condition now – see it in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “The restoration of the sailing barge Ena on telly”

  1. This is rather out of date as she is now for sale but looks to be in poor condition and I am told that she has sunk recently by friends in Kent. Very sad. I saw this post and though maybe someone is saving her. Like Westmoreland another once beautiful sailing barge that will be lost without massive expenditure.

  2. You’re absolutely right Martin: when I last saw her, last summer, she looked poor with, I thought, planking coming away under her stbd quarter
    The programme was one of those Channel 4 fix its and was essentially a travesty of good workmanship.
    The trouble is, as you are only too highly aware, make do and mend as my family did no longer works and a total rebuild is needed to save her … be better to build new…

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