Thalatta beats her way out of Harwich

2 thoughts on “Thalatta beats her way out of Harwich”

  1. Well….last minute decision for me…Rick Cardy (our skipper for many years of chartering for a week every year) phoned me this morning to ask if I was going to be along this year….I had originally said no as I thought my arthritis might be a problem, but Rick seems sure I’ll be OK and there was one spare space…so I’m going! next Sunday for a weeks sailing on sb Pudge in and out of the Essex and Suffolk rivers.Wonderful, I was very sorry to miss out on what has been one of my very favourite weeks of the year for the last 23 years!

    1. That’s good to hear Dave – I hope it’s a wonderful trip. Sadly, once again we won’t make it to Rowhedge – this time because we’re playing a gig that night.


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