There’s something shocking about pink…

This was probably the most disturbing thing I saw at the Beale Park Boat Show – and it was just casually parked near the exit!

5 thoughts on “There’s something shocking about pink…”

  1. Not shocking for us who grew up in the 50s and 60s and perhaps even in the Caribbean, as I did.
    The colour scheme matches the art d├ęco buildings in Miami Beach and the styling follows the spacy mood of the era. Function was not necessarily an issue before the days of ecological awareness and CO2 emission worries.
    We should view craft such as these in the same way as we look at dinosaur skeletons in a museum and occasionally fire them up and run them with awe like when watching “Jurassic Park” in the movies.
    Gernot H.

  2. Hi Gavin, there’s a hull in very bad nick of the same style complete with wings and a radically raked screen for sale locally. Being glass/ply/glass construction from the 1960’s there is more rot than boat I reckon. It’s been out in a paddock for a long time.

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