Kipperman has a new home online


Kipperman and maritime historian Mike Smylie are one person – and he has got himself a new home on the Internet – Kipperland!

Reading the website, there’s no question about this man’s achievements. His historical works , which number at least 18 that I can see, are available from Amazon and good book shops. To see the titles, go to the website and click on the books tab.

Mike also writes widely for magazines such as including Classic Boat, Watercraft, Maritime Heritage, The Marine Quarterly, Maritime Life and Traditions, Fishing News and the European Maritime Heritage Newsletter.

In 1995 he was also a co-founder of the 40+ Fishing Boat Association, which was founded in 1995 at a time when decommissioned fishing vessels were being scrapped in large numbers, and edits the organisation’s magazine Fishing Boats.

As Kipperman he works at events around the country and beyond promoting the eating of herring for its health benefits. For this work he won the BBC Radio 4 Food Campaigner/Educator Award in November 2004. Also as Kipperman he makes many radio and television appearances.

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  1. dear sirs, I am looking for the adress of Mike Smiley the man of all the great book on traditional fishing boats. I need him because I need the new adress of Gloria Wilson of Saltburn by the sSea. Every year I send her a new year card and this time I got it back. On a sticker was the message that she moved out. In may I am staying for two weeks in Staithes and would meet het again. Once I gave her a Røtring drawing pen and now I would bring het new ink cartridges but without her new adress I can’t find her. all the best and thank you, Benne Holwerda Groningen The Netherlands

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