Building the Shannon One Design, with Jimmy Furey

And sailing them (you may want to turn the sound on your computer down for the second one)…

2 thoughts on “Building the Shannon One Design, with Jimmy Furey”

  1. The boat-building films are an absolute gem. What a joy to watch, as Jimmy cuts, planes and shapes with apparent ease – absolutely boggling to an amateur DIY man like me, and hardly a power tool in sight.
    The films brought back memories for me – about 18 years ago I spent a weekend sailing Shannon ODs at Lough Ree, in the Irish Banks Team Racing Championships. It’s a long story (as it would be) which I will tell you one day, but I’ll just add modestly that somehow we won it!

    1. Cheers Dick – in the club house at lunch time Dick told me the story with his eyes sparkling. I think sailing Shannons must be a very happy memory.

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