Farewell Topsails

My thanks to Hans Christian Rieck for this gem!

2 thoughts on “Farewell Topsails”

  1. That is a gem, not only from the shipping history aspect, but also from the photography side. It looks a bit amateurish from the titles but camera work, sound and narrative arte really professional.
    If that was in 1937, it was filmed over 10 years after my old man left schooners and started working on steamships. Really the end of the coastal sail trade in Europe?.
    I experienced the last sail traders in the Caribbean in the 50s and early 60s. Towards end of the 60s, a crew with a Baltic schooner (“Mary”) came to Trinidad and attempted to make a living. She was lost between Trinidad and Grenada with a cargo of cement that opened up her planking in the swells between the Atlantic and the Caribbean.

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