How about arming yourself with a cannon for a proper salute?

Saluting cannon


Here’s a fine gift for the yottie who already has nearly everything. And it’s a Herreshoff design too. I think it’s nearly irresistable, though I no idea about the legality of such things in the UK.

Perhaps Hollowshore Cruising Club – my club – should get one? It’d be a blast at social occasions, or am I committing another etiquette faux pas here? (I’m not good at sailing etiquette, which seems to me to belong in roughly the same life category as shaving when a beard will do, cleaning your shoes when no-one will examine them or tidying your bedroom when it’s full of favourite things… )

5 thoughts on “How about arming yourself with a cannon for a proper salute?”

  1. You might consider to use it to eliminate an adversary ::) Oh non, do never try to hit his ship!!!:)
    By the way, a few years ago I bought your wonderful book about simple boat building. I love it, and am planning to build the Cruising Mouse.
    Yet I would like to show this design from a man from Finland ( I believe).
    As a sculler I am thinking about this one as well:)
    Have a nice day,
    Paul Miedema

  2. It fires a 10G shotgun blank, so technically it is a shotgun and should require a shotgun license… But then it will by law be required to have a minimum barrel length of 28 inches… which it doesn”t !
    I have been contemplating installing it in my auxiliary barge type Cornish pilot gig when I finish it. I’m currently three and a half years into a one year project. Maybe this year?
    Anyway, I will email the US manufacturer and see if he can help.

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