Appeal for a recording of the BBC’s The British Seafarer

Admirers of the work of BBC producer Michael Mason are appealing for a copy of the 1980 documentary BBC radio series The British Seafarer, which spawned the book pictured above. (It’s available from ABE Books.)

Michael Mason passed away last year, and I gather little of his work has been kept in the archives. Read about this remarkable producer here.

If a recording exists, pleas drop me a line at, and I’ll pass the information along to the enquirer, contributor Chris Brady.

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    1. Hi
      I just found this site I have a number of the programmes recorded on cassette, which I made from Radio 4. Some are ok but others may have some interference. I think I still have 6 cassettes with 12 programmes. I can let you have them or make copies on Cd’s

  1. Here is a list of titles – just for reference:

    The British Seafarer
    1 Introduction – The Deep Sea
    2 Canvas, Hemp and Wood
    3 The High Seas
    4 The Merchants
    5 Charts, Sea-Clocks and Stars,
    6 The Complete Seaman
    7 Stresses, Strains and Storms
    8 The Long Blockade
    9 Owners
    10 Size, Steel and Steam
    11 Missing, Lost and Saved
    12 The Tramp and the Liner
    13 Fisherman
    14 Paradise Street and Ratcliffe Highway
    15 Engine-room and Stokehold
    16 Master Mariner
    17 The Small Port
    18 Seamanship
    19 The Mate, the Bosun and the Cook
    20 The Dreadnought Navy
    21 The Big Port
    22 Unions
    23 Jutland
    24 The Battle of the Atlantic, 1939-45 (45min)
    25 Supercarrier
    26 Offshore and Undersea

  2. Research has elicited that the Beeb doesn’t have copies in its Archives. Neither does the British Library Sound Archive.

  3. Thank you Alan. After extensive appeals you seem to be the only one with any recordings right now. Luckily quite a few too!! And thank you for getting in touch.

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