Cornish lugger Spirit of Mystery for sale on eBay

Cornish lugger Spirit of Mystery

The Cornish lugger Peter Goss and his crew used to sail to Australia a couple of years back (read this and this), Spirit of Mystery, is up for sale on eBay.

She was built in Millbrook, Cornwall by Chris Rees, and is heavily built in larch on oak, and has an open plan interior.

The owner says she is great fun to sail and can be sailed easily by a crew of two, though he has thended to sail her as standing lug so that no dipping is needed.

Frankly, it’s nearly impossible to describe how desirable I find this boat… if only I had the money and time!

2 thoughts on “Cornish lugger Spirit of Mystery for sale on eBay”

  1. i feel the same Gavin – saw this on ebay a few days ago, and added to my watch list in case the lottery comes up, beautiful boat , and looks very comfortable below

  2. Ah yes. The money and the time. Boats such as this are a truly low cost form of high art, and they can take you anywhere on Earth provided the water’s deep enough. Kit Bell, Philadelphia

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