Little Ships to return to Dunkirk for the 75th anniversary


Over 50 Dunkirk little ships are to return to Dunkirk next year for the 75th anniversary of the evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force in 1940. My thanks to the Association of Dunkirk Little Ships for the above photos.

During the famous evacuation, some 338,000 British and French troops were saved from German forces.

Many are over 85 years old, and they will make a remarkable spectacle as they voyage down the Thames into the Thames Estuary to Ramsgate, and then to Dunkirk and back.

Just before and just after the Dunkirk date will be good days to be on the water around North Kent, and to take some photographs.

The ADLS‘s officers have published the following timetable of events:

  • 16-17th May – little ships will be gathered at Royal Docks, London
  • 19-20th May – little ships gather at Ramsgate
  • 21th May – little ships depart for Dunkirk
  • 22th May – back up departure day in case of poor weather
  • 23th May – beach memorial service at Dunkirk
  • 24th May – ADLS commemorative service, 1100 local time on quayside
  • 25th May – little ships return to Ramsgate
  • 26th May – back up return day in case of poor weather

Here are some photos I managed to take on and around the Medway last year:

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