Christmas elves in the workshop


Tiernan Roe has written with an important message:

‘Like many other boat builders, every so often I’ve misplaced a tool, and spent ages looking for it only to find it in the first place I looked.

‘If you’re tired or in a rush this can quickly progress from merely being mildly perplexing to Rumplestilskin-style apoplexy.

‘But when it re-appears, it’s as if someone put it there, quietly, and deliberately.

‘Well, I think I have discovered the cause.

‘I walked up the path to visit my neighbour earlier for a Christmas drink. While strolling home comfortably full of the spirit of Christmas I noticed the lights on in my workshop. I thought perhaps I – or my wife – had left the lights on.

‘But, more, I could hear hammering! Peeking in the window I managed to shoot the photo above. I don’t know what it is, or what is was making, but it looked like one of Santa’s elves and it was using my hammer.

‘Being superstitious and full of understandable fear I decided I would not disturb the creature. I’m just hoping it’s workmanship was worthy and that it put my hammer back on the shelf. Boat builders everywhere will surely understand!’

Find out what’s really happening in Tiernan’s Roeboats workshop.

In the meantime, all of us at Towers wish all of you a peaceful, comfortable and relaxing winter break. And my thanks to Tiernan for explaining something very profound…

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