Sighted: an East Coast One Design

I’ve just seen my first East Coast One Design at Tollesbury.

She needs a little care, but there’s no question that these are outstandingly beautiful boats that must offer some truly glamorous racing and daysailing anywhere – so long as you don’t mind the British weather…

Read about them here and here, and click here to see photos of more ECODs.


5 thoughts on “Sighted: an East Coast One Design”

  1. Gavin, thank you for the posts and photos.
    At this time of year, there is nothing more sure to gladden a heart than blue skies, puffs of high white cloud, and a traditional sailing boat under full canvas in a stiff breeze.
    I’ve just been admiring the ECODs and remembering sailing days in Wexford Harbour 50 years ago.
    Many thanks.

  2. Hi Gavin,
    thats ECOD NO4 Nancy, if you ever want a sail on an ECOD give me a call , We keep ours at Heybridge basin (Wizard No7) All 10 are still around on the Blackwater & Crouch, No 5 Redshanks is currently for sale.
    Iain Stubbs
    Ps thanks for the links on here to our Website & facebook page!

    1. Hello,

      I,m just a french visitor. I was amazed by the graceful shapes of that yacht. It has an open cockpit. I have seen somewhere on the web that some of them happened to sink during a race. How much wind to they take before the first reefing?
      Would your invitation be ok for a frenchie? When would the better period to sail on them?

      best regards

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