The Purifier Yacht and Dinghy Company dinghy demo

Working in the Faversham Creek Trust’s Purifier Building, our pal Alan Thorne is making and selling two dinghies designed by Graham Byrnes of B&B Yacht Designs.

One of the dinghies made by Alan’s The Purifier Yacht and Dinghy Company is sweet little sharp-nosed job that sails and tows well, and divides in two and nests one half inside the other so that it can be stowed on board a larger yacht or transported easily. The other is a little pram tender that can sail, row and motor with an outboard. Why not take a look…

One thought on “The Purifier Yacht and Dinghy Company dinghy demo”

  1. Lovely little dinghy … like the fact that she can be stowed in two parts on deck. Might encourage more cruising sailors to go for a ‘hard’ dinghy. Liked the cream sail too … a tan one would look as nice.

    I’ve had a Alan Stalley 9’6″ GRP simulated clinker sailing tender for twenty years now … sh’e been towed around thousands of miles and has crept into nearly every gully between N. Kent and Mid Suffolk. I love it. She owes me nothing.

    I just love Andrew’s creation…

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