Restored Falmouth Quay punt Teal is sailing again!

Don’t you wish she was yours? Adrian Nowotynski has written to report on the progress of the century-old Falmouth Quay punt Teal, which is now back in the water and sailing again following her restoration of the boat at Hegarty’s Boatyard near Cork.

The fabulous photos were taken by Tim Cooke, who writes the weblog An Ilur in Ireland, and are used here with his permission.

Here’s what Adrian has to say:

‘She was relaunched a few weeks ago with great success. We made it to Baltimore two days before the annual Wooden Boat Festival.

‘We had our first attempt of sailing her during the harbour race on Saturday in over 20 knots of wind. It was fantastic and we were very impressed by her.

‘On Sunday we had lighter wind, competed in the race and took part in the parade of sail, this time under full sail minus the topsail ( need more rope for that one).

‘On Monday we sailed her to her home port of Union Hall where she is now sitting on her mooring ready for adventure.

‘The project has been huge, but a fantastic experience that I am missing already, and Teal is absolute gem.

‘Thank you for posting the updates and I will be in touch if we succeed in any big adventures,

‘I will be getting started with the Apple Pie dinghy soon so will let you know.’

Adrian also adds that she will soon be getting a nice new set of sails.

Read Adrian’s weblog for more about Teal.

3 thoughts on “Restored Falmouth Quay punt Teal is sailing again!”

  1. I am looking to obtain a sailplan for a Falmouth Quay Punt (28′) with mizzen. Anyone know where I can get one? Asking for a friend who is building a replica of Curlew in Norway.
    Mark Shiner. Sailmaker. Orkney

    1. Did you find an answer to this? If you look on the OGA Boat register, Lady Belle is a FQP ( or rather, a yacht modelled on the quay punt. Some dimensions on the register and I’m sure the owner would be happy to provide more

    2. Did you sort this? Look on the OGA Boat Register. Lady Belle is a 28ft Falmouth quay punt. Her spar dimensions are on the register and I’m sure the owner would be happy to help with any more

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