The story of Scottish Maritime Museum’s ‘Denny tank’

And this, spotted by Peggy Bawn Press. Thanks Miss Peggy!

2 thoughts on “The story of Scottish Maritime Museum’s ‘Denny tank’”

  1. Froude tank was not the Denny tank but the one he built himself in Torquay. The Denny tank was the first commercial test tank and was heavily based on the Torquay tank. It is currently the oldest surviving tank as the torquay tank was demolished.

    Eels were kept in the tank to help maintain the water purity. In WWII the eeels were assigned an official meat ration of six pence worth a week as the tank was classed as an emergency drinking water supply,

    He could not have used the Denny tank to develop his Froude number as he died in 1879 and the Denny tank was not built untill 1882/83.

    I think the bottle of water story also relates to the Torquay tank.

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