Bernard Gilboy’s log of his trans-pacific cruise, 1882-3

Read more about the amazing Bernard Gilboy here. Oh the sharks, and the capsizes…

One thought on “Bernard Gilboy’s log of his trans-pacific cruise, 1882-3”

  1. As I read this, I was puzzled by his navigation around New Caledonia. He first found himself blown down to 24ยบ S, where he found himself at what he believed to be Matthew Island, which should have been nowhere near there. He corrected the coordinates to match the charted position, but his description of that island was wildly different from Matthew Island. He writes of sailing 100 miles to the north to round the island, and 30-40 miles along the coast of an island that has an area of only 0.7 square km. The editors did note the discrepancy in the description of the island. I am curious however, as to what Island it might really have been. I don’t see any good candidates in the vicinity. In any case, it’s a good read. Thanks for posing it.

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