The extraordinary screw lift dock at Barbados

These photos by Chris Brady are of the remarkable screw lift dock at Barbados – the last remaining lift of its kind in the world. (I have his permission to publish, but he retains all rights.)

Screw lifts were invented in the early part of the 19th century to enable ship repairs to be carried out more quickly than using the traditional dry dock, and New York, Baltimore and Singapore each had their own.

Completed in 1893, it could lift up to 1,200 tons, and measured 240ft in length, 46ft wide beam and could handle vessels drawing up to 14 ft – it operated by steam, but was later converted to electric power.

Chris has more photos here, there is a brief explanation of screw lifts here, and read a more about the Barbados screw lift here and here.

Thanks for the shots Chris!

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