33 Hverdagens menn

A striking old piece of film of Norwegian fishermen at work. The title translates – says Google – as ’33 Everyday Men’. These blokes would sail the4ir boats in any weather, it seems – they don’t look entirely ‘everyday’ to me, and neither does the cameraman!

My thanks to Paul Gilbert for spotting this video.

3 thoughts on “33 Hverdagens menn”

  1. Thank you Gavin. I am in Norway right now and just thinking of going out at sea makes me feel bad. What men they were. Nothing to eat on land and the only source not only of money but also food was out there..

  2. In the film, the white boat with a large circle/symbol on the mainsail is a Norwegian Lifeboat, of a Colin Archer design. That will be the reason for being out in such heavy seas. Some of these boats were in sevice up to the 1960s, and I believe several are still being used as yachts.

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