The Shipwright’s Arms reopens for business

Shipwright's Arms Hollowshore

We are delighted to report that Hollowshore’s legendary Shipwright’s Arms has reopened following the dreadful night in early December, when the sea over-topped the sea defences and flooded the marshes with salt water.

The pub’s website has this to say:

‘Well folks, it was a long hard haul, but we managed it and are now open for business again… We had to replace just about everything, but on the bright side the pub has never looked better.

‘Although we have made some improvements, the pub is just about as you will remember it, so why not come along and check it out. We need your custom more than ever after being closed for eight weeks so look forwards to seeing you soon.’

Do check out the old pub’s history – I hadn’t realised that there’s some evidence that parts of it apparently go back to the 13th century.

Naturally, I intend to visit this favourite pub for a drink and a chat with friends very soon!

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