So, Turner’s paintings aren’t so far off…

JMW Turner’s paintings can sometimes seem a bit theatrical – well, I suppose it helped sell his pictures – but as this YouTube shows, the sea really /can/ be the way he depicted it.

My thanks to author, campaigner and kipper magnate Mike Smylie for passing this one along.

One thing though… If you’ve ever wondered what Val Doonican’s 1960s hit might have sounded like in Icelandic, turn your speakers up. If  not, it might be wise to turn them down…

One thought on “So, Turner’s paintings aren’t so far off…”

  1. So now it’s reef and reif, me boys
    With the Canvas frozen hard
    and this mountain pass every Mother’s son
    on a ninety foot topsail yard
    nevermind about boots and oilskins
    but holler or you’ll be damned
    But there blows some cold nor’westers
    on the Banks of ICERLAND.

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