Todd Kerr builds a Cinderella

This smart little canoe built to my Cinderella plans built by Tod Kerr will be launched on the Chesapeake in a few weeks. It’s great to see that he has followed the building instructions to a ‘T’ and has come up with an excellent result.

The plans he used are included in my book Ultrasimple Boat Building, which was published by International Marine some years ago and which is still available from Amazon and elsewhere. (The book plans are a little more worked out than the earlier Cinderella plans available from this site and, as it’s a book, come with much more detail about the boat building method.)

Despite ‘looking right’ the Cinderella is very quick and cheaply made water-borne vehicle, and all reports show that she paddles very nicely. Thanks for letting me know about your project Tod! Read all about Tod’s Cinderella -and find out how she took just $30 in materials here.

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  1. Update from the builder….Now that Spring is here, I can move forward with completion of the canoe project. As Gavin Atkin writes in his “How to” Ultrasimple Boat Building, “the builder may find it necessary to put the boat in the water before he finishes it completely”. The translation is, “I can’t wait to see if it floats…”. For me, I wanted to first “see if it floats” (I knew it would) but also want to determine how she handles and determine the position of the seat, both fore and aft and height from the bottom of the hull.

    Full details of my “Sea Trials” can be found at…

    But the bottom line is that this little craft does not disappoint and is going to provide many hours of enjoyable paddling on the Chesapeake Bay.

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