A wonderful future for the top end of Faversham Creek


This is what we want to see at the top end of Faversham Creek – a thriving busy area of water, workshops and quayside that preserves and is in keeping with the history and spirit of the place. This is where barges, smacks and smaller boats, boat building and boat maintenance belong, and where they could add to the real interest of the town.

I hope it happens.

The Faversham Creek Trust, whose plan this is deserve our support. Read more and consider joining them here.



3 thoughts on “A wonderful future for the top end of Faversham Creek”

  1. Hi Gavin,
    I do follow what is happening over in Kent (the County of my childhood) as much as possible, so thanks for this. I had a look up around the prifier building during this summer – no one was in, unfortunately. I watch the Trust’s web site too.
    The plans for this area of Faversham fill me with hope: so much of Kent’s maritime base has been ‘destroyed’ or ‘cut off’ from the sea (Milton…) but, none of this will be of any use until, or unless, the mud is cleared from the creek. I know a start has been made … I’ve looked!

    1. The mud thing is very exciting. They’re even going to dredge Oare Creek this winter.

      The news for Standard Quay is much, much sadder. It was such a bad decision to allow a wine bar with accommodation for staff.

  2. When we were in Faversham this summer, it was strange to walk along the quayside and see only two barges, the semi ‘sunk’ Henry and a sad looking Beric. It has lost something very special … there were few people about too. In fact one couple asked us where the barges were!
    How long will it be before the wharf front starts to silt up…

    Yes, over this side we are very interested in what Medway Ports are doing in Faversham and Oare creeks: the PLA are not interested in our creek on the edge of the Thames, unless we get in the way of a container ship!!!

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