1868 – and the Britannia Pier at Great Yarmouth is smashed in two

From Adnamsgirl’s splendid Flickr account of photos from Norfolk:

‘Original 1868 depiction of the damage caused to Britannia Pier at Great Yarmouth during a storm in November 1868 – taken from the Illustrated London News. It was the second time since its erection in 1857–8 that the pier had been partially destroyed. Built at the cost of £6,000, it was originally 750 feet in length. On October 25th, 1859, during a tremendous gale, a sloop, driven from her anchors, was dashed upon the pier and divided it into two portions.’

Here’s more from Adnamsgirl:

Enchantress, Stalham Dyke 1930s

Norwich Riverside Ghost

Thorpe Gardens, Norfolk c1930s

Pull's Ferry, Norwich c1900

Brundall House WW1 Hospital rowing boats

2 thoughts on “1868 – and the Britannia Pier at Great Yarmouth is smashed in two”

  1. Lovely engravings – am astonished that they are still extant though. The Illustrated London News is one of those publications plundered by the engraving / print industry which rips the heart out of these historic documents for the greed of selling antique ‘original’ (even hand-coloured) prints to collectors (mainly tourists). I know. Cecil Court in London is full of such shops selling these torn out prints at grossly high prices. Sadly the text of these publications is deemed worthless and is thrown away. That’s why they are so hard to find.

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