Dylan Winter makes it to Scotland

Filming, blogging, talking and entertaining small boat cruiser Dylan Winter has had a remarkable few weeks.

He’s arrived in Edinburgh on his Keep Turning Left UK circumnavigation jaunt, and as usual he’s hatching plans for the next leg of his circumnavigation of the UK that are occupying the minds of lots of folks on the YBW forum. He has also become a hit for the Daily Mail website, whose readers have latched onto his tealights and flowerpot heating arrangement – as has the alternative lifestyle crowd.

How confusing… or at least it would be for me. Dylan, I feel sure will take it all in his stride, and entertain us all as he does it.

Editing videos takes time, but there are a series of YouTubes covering his trip from the Tetney on the Humber up to Bridlington. I’ve posted the first below – see the rest at his website,  Keep Turning Left, or on his YouTube account.

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