Has Scheveningen got the most painted shore in world?

Just this morning I finally realised that the shore of the Dutch resort of Scheveningen – really a suburb of The Hague – has been depicted in an amazing number of treasured paintings by a remarkable group of artists. We’re talking van der Velde II, Van Gogh, Anton Mauve and many more…

I’m not obsessed with the place, you understand, it’s simply that I remember going there as a child and still today have a painting of the beach on my wall. Then today a painting popped up on my Facebook that made me wonder what else might be waiting behind the search engines. I think of it as an open, and rather inhospitable beach for boats and ships, but to my amazement, this is what I found. Each image links to a web page that explains who painted it, and more. Google and Wikipedia will find you many more, of course.

The very modest painting that hangs on my own wall is here.

Im_Februar_1598_an_der_holländischen_Küste_gestrandeter_Walfisch Emil_Neumann_-_Fischmarkt-am-Strand-vor-Scheveningen


Charles_Brooking_-_A_Beach_Scene_near_Scheveningen 800px-Esaias_van_de_Velde_(circle)_Course_de_chars_Scheveningen_1608

Frederik_Hendrik_Kaemmerer_The_beach_of_Schieveningen Goyen_1646_Beach_at_Scheveningen

Hendrick_de_Meijer_001 Hendrik_Willem_Mesdag_-_Scheveningse_bommen_voor_anker

Het_Strand_van_Scheveningen,_Adriaen_van_de_Velde_(1658) Johan_Janssens_Fischer_am_Strand_von_Scheveningen_1842

John_Singer_Sargent_-_Ralph_Curtis_on_the_Beach_in_Scheveningen John_Syer_Snr._-_Scheveningen

D Van_Gogh_-_Strand_von_Scheveningen_bei_stürmischen_Wetter

Velde,_Adriaen_van_de_-_Dunes_at_Scheveningen_-_Google_Art_Project Vincent_van_Gogh_-_Beach_at_Scheveningen_in_calm_weather_(1882)

about 1660 24d5e0f455

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