The Liquid Highway – a proper boaty weblog about the Thames

The Liquid Highway

As a boat nut who for many years worked in an office overlooking the Thames and with a soft spot for the river that goes back to my boyhood, I’m greatly enjoying the weblog The Liquid Highway.

I think the new weblog fills an important gap – a great many people work near the Thames and recognise its regular vessels and also anything new that arrives, yet up to now there has been no easy way for them to learn more about what is going on or about the vessels themselves.

In recent weeks it has included a film and an audio recording of the Thames Festival Ships Opera, a trailer for the film Last of the Watermen made by David Kew following the work of Peter Duggan of General Marine.

There’s also a post about the steam tug Challenge returning to London (I believe she left again through lack of space at St Katherine’s) and another providing including a pictorial history of the tug. This includes a smashing photo of her towing one of the World War II Maunsell forts.

There’s also a piece about the 1936 tosher and dock tug Charlight, currently in use at Oare Creek near Faversham, and which I gather is up for sale.

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