Rank’s Look at Life series clips about 1960s boating in Britain on the iPlayer

Britain on Film Messing About in Boats

The BBC has been broadcasting a series of programmes made up of footage from the 1960s a series of film shorts Look at Life made by the Rank company, which set out to capture British society and culture.

This week, Auntie Beeb showed an entertaining episode about British boating during the period – a time that saw a fad for small boat sailing, British sailors seeking endurance world records; boatmen and women striving to halt the decline of our rivers and canals; and high tension on the high seas as disputes over fishing rights prompted the government to send gunboats to escort British trawlers.

It will be on the iPlayer for 25 days or so.


2 thoughts on “Rank’s Look at Life series clips about 1960s boating in Britain on the iPlayer”

  1. Unfortunately we can’t watch it this side of the world. I was interested to see the two girls rowing what looks like a brand new Prout Folding Dinghy in your cover photo. There must be many of your readers who have experienced these little wonders of ingenuity. Great shame they are not available still, a great solution for the minimalist sailor.

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