A sailing Ella skiff in Catalonia



Catalonia-based writer and sailor Ben Crawshaw (of Light Trow fame and theinvisibleworkshop) has got in touch to say that together with friends a chap called Bosco has built this example of the sailing version of the my 12ft flat bottomed Ella skiff design in his area – so far, Ben has only managed to photograph the boat but plans to sail it soon.

I had no idea – and my jaw dropped when I heard about it, and then sagged even more when I looked at the shots. (Click on them to see a much larger image, by the way.)

Folks are telling Ben that the little boat sails well, but I will of course be very interested in his verdict.

The photo shows that she has been built pretty robustly in the local style, but I can’t say I’m complaining! She looks great to me. Plans for the Ella skiff are here.

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  1. Hi. I’m one of the builders of EL·LA, the catalan name of this new Ella sailing skiff. (Please, note that the point in the middle of the name is not a period, but a “flying point”, a specifically catalan punctuation). Now we are busy preparing the exhibit of the sailing skiff in the “Salon Náutico de Barcelona”, the biggest boat show in Spain starting next week. We will come back here after the show to explain details of our project. Regards.

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