Victorian photographer Peter Henry Emerson’s images of The Norfolk Broads

Emerson 2

Emerson 1 Emerson 3

This is a small sample of a larger collection of delicious photos of East Anglia taken by Victorian-era American photographer Peter Henry Emerson published this week on the 70.8% weblog.

The activities shown are catching eels and harvesting the famous Norfolk reed for use in making thatched roofs for houses and other buildings – and one shows one of the Broads’ wherries making its way along a dyke.

There are lots more to see at 70.8% so do go over to have a look!

My thanks to 70.8% weblogger Thomas Armstrong for pointing this one out via the 70.8% Facebook group.

PS – A Ward has written in to recommend Emerson’s book, which is available from Amazon. See the comment below. Needless to say, my copy is on order…

One thought on “Victorian photographer Peter Henry Emerson’s images of The Norfolk Broads”

  1. Even more interesting is his account of a year long trip (Sep – Sep, 1890-91) he undertook of the whole of the Broads river system on the old marl carrying wherry (“Little Spark”) he converted and called “Maid of the Mist”. Old copies of the book “On English Lagoons” are ridiculously expensive, but modern paperpack facsimilies are now available.

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