On-board photos from the Swale match

Kyle Abingdon of North Kent outfit Abingdon and Skabardis Marine Carpentry sent me over a few photos he took from Bob Burke’s boat Crow during the Swale match over the weekend.

Thanks Kyle – they’re great shots and the one of Jamie Clay’s gorgeous Albert Strange-designed Firefly (the distinctive two-master shown below with red sails) is particularly good.

Like several people I’ve spoken with, he reports that it was great fun – with all that sunshine and lots of F6, it would be. Crow came in first in her class, and Kyle says that was all down to skipper Bob.

He also says that he had to leave as soon as the boat got back in order to pick up his dog – hence the muddy feet.

I say, if you’re thinking of sailing in the Swale and Medway areas, look at this photo and be warned!

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  1. hi – i think i have said it before on here…. Firefly really is gorgeous – and this picture of her with the wind up her chuff, storming along, is poster material

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